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Per secoli l'umanità ha esplorato il mondo sottomarino e il 1926 è stato un anno rivoluzionario per tutti gli esploratori. Realizzato con una cassa sigillata ermeticamente per una protezione ottimale, il primo orologio da polso impermeabile ha segnato un importante passo avanti, rendendo il cronometraggio sott'acqua un lusso alla portata di tutti. Il nostro primo subacqueo è un'umile celebrazione di questo straordinario risultato. Ci auguriamo che il nostro At'Sea del 1926 ti accompagni nella tua avventura personale, sia fuori che dentro il grande oceano blu.

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Hyungwoo K.
Great watches. About vintage helping frontline healthcare worker to save lives

I'm one of emergency physician in Australia and about vintage watches allow me to check time in time critical situation as well as helping me to count 60 seconds easily during resuscitation. Highly recommended to those people who are working in time critical condition

Hi Hyungwoo,

Wauw, thank you so much for sharing your very touching story! We are truly proud that one of our watches plays just a small part in your amazing and important work in the frontline healthcare. We have a purpose of helping people to keep track of the important moments in life and you just gave this phrase a whole other meaning.

Thank you for your support and for choosing About Vintage! Have a great day.

Best Regards,
About Vintage

Patrick T.
1926 At’sea

Great watch. Heavy-duty feel and look. Excellent packaging and communication during shipment. However, the rubber wristband was flimsy. The additional “free” extra wristband was of even poorer quality. I had to replace using my own resources. I expected better quality for the cost. Overall a great timepiece so far.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for choosing About Vintage and for taking your time to leave us a review on your first experience with us. We appreciate your positive and constructive feedback which is well noted for future reference.

We hope you will enjoy your timepiece for many years to come. Have a great day!

Best Regards,
About Vintage

Alessandro D.

Molto bene, sono piuttosto soddisfatto: orologio di ottima qualità.

Philip V.


Hej Philip

Mange tak for den fine anmeldelse! Vi håber, at du er glad for uret og får glæde af det i mange år frem.

Du må have en rigtig god dag :-)

Med venlig hilsen
About Vintage

1926 At'sea steel/blue

I like the watch, but I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't exchange the 5-link strap the watch is displayed with on the website for a 3-link strap - both steel. I don't like the 5-link strap and had to choose the 3-link strap as the secondary free strap you receive instead of a the leather strap that I wanted.

While I understand that the 5-link strap is the one displayed on the website, I can't help but feel the 5-link strap is wasted since I'll never wear it. About Vintage has a system with interchangeable straps, which means it shouldn't really be a problem for them. In fact, it seems a bit random what watches are displayed with 5-link and 3-link straps since they are both steel.

Adding to that was, that my wife bought a watch from them a year ago or so, and at that time she freely chose the two straps she liked without trouble.

Hi Nicolai,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review and for sharing your feedback with us. We understand your frustration about the fact that you can't exchange the 5-link strap displayed on the 1926 At'sea steel/blue for a 3-link strap. We have made the decision that all our watches comes on a default strap chosen from a design perspective. On top of that we offer an additional strap free of choice.

As of now it is not a possible to choose both the straps for your watch but your request is well noted and will be taken into consideration in the future. Nonetheless, we hope you are enjoying your watch and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Have a great weekend!

Best Regards,
About Vintage


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